IoT for OEMs: complete, customized, white labeled solutions, designed & manufactured in house.

White labelled hard and software

A full partnership: from the analysis of requirements to delivering the OEM branded complete system. Imbu’s holistic approach allows to jointly develop the best systems – technically, practically and up to how they can be monetised most effectively.

IoT creates value

Complete IoT solutions, made to order, give OEMs real-time insight into the operation of their machines, used in situ. IoT offers increased reliability & reduced costs and enhances safety.


We provide an easy to understand, made to measure web-based portal, that allows OEM & end-users to make informed decisions, based on real-time data.

OEM & IMBU Partnership

Over the past 10 years, IMBU has developed IoT solutions for compressors, pumps, gas engines, marine hoses, couplings, industrial fans, and more.

We cooperate with a number of major OEMs and clients. One of them, Howden, manufactures large compressors. Its IoT remote monitoring and performance evaluation system, UPTIME, designed and manufactured by IMBU, is the result of close and iterative cooperation. It was delivered “ready to go” and is being used on 3 continents.


Step by step: understanding the OEM’s operation and machines (keeping IoT monetization in mind) – jointly decide what to measure, transmit & power – electronics design, optimizing sensors, comms, batteries, etc. – build digital twin, if applicable – finalize clear presentation of results – field test and iterate as needed to go from engineering to market-ready.


We can deliver market ready solutions because we have “in house” most, if not all, capabilities needed for each project: from the business case analysis via technical understanding of the OEM’s equipment to know-how in the fields of electronics, communications, sensors, power saving, etc… This allows optimal design & manufacturing, running quick control iterations of prototype(s) in order to rapidly supply complete IoT solutions.

IoT solutions lead to smarter assets!

In our experience, we have found that the success of IoT projects depends on the ability of OEMs to adopt a transformative approach to IoT. It is the only way to get the most out of IoT. With true buy-in of the top of the client’s organisation, IMBU is at its most effective as the relationship changes from supplier to partner.
Years of Experience
OEMs & major clients
GBs of daily data

Aftermarket Projects

Our focus is increasingly on OEMs however, as IMBU is an extension of a group of companies specialised in after market support of industrial machines, we started 10 years ago by offering after market solutions. In so doing, we continue to accumulate valuable practical, in the field, experience. The lessons learned there are big contributors to the efficiency and the quality of the solutions we now offer to OEMs.


At Imbu, we are specialised in successfully implementing IoT solutions in challenging environments (off-shore, remote & unmanned, very high and very low temperatures, dust, low connectivity, power requirement issues, etc…). Each situation requires a different adapted solution.

This complexity is what we find interesting. The IMBU team likes to be challenged in this respect. Over time, we have accumulated a substantial level of expertise and know how in addressing these problems. Today, our systems work in hot deserts, in – 40°C, off shore, in hazardous areas and in dusty mines.

Extremely low power requirements

In remote environments, designing an installation with low power consumption is critical but very challenging.

Extreme temperatures

We have realized IoT solutions in desert environments with temperatures of over 60°C and in arctic environments where temperatures drop below -40°C.

Remote & harsh locations

Our IoT solutions can be found in remote and harsh environments (e.g. Nigerian delta, Kazakh remote locations, off shore, mining trucks, etc….).

Marine environments

Water, salt, remoteness, and chance collisions. At IMBU we have extensive experience in the offshore industry.

Low bandwidth communication

Low bandwidth can be challenging. It often demands analytics performed at the edge and minimizing the amount of data being uploaded.

Hazardous areas

Our compressor analytics can be packaged in enclosures and with barriers that allow its use in hazardous areas.

Innovative ready products

The more we have worked with OEMs finding IoT solutions, the larger our range of ready products, manufactured in house. After being adapted, they can be redeployed in other applications or even used as a stand alone. By modifying & integrating them in larger OEM projects, it allows faster delivery and lower costs. Most can be used in hazardous areas & integrate different communication protocols.

What our Clients Say

Imbu started on Howden reciprocating compressors. In view of their excellent performance, we asked them to work on other Howden product lines, extending to all types of air & gas handling rotating equipment. Imbu is creative, adapts to clients’ needs, understands mechanics/IT/industrial environments, and is agile in concept delivery. They offer efficient “total solutions”, from ideation to fully tested products. We strongly recommend them.- Maria Wilson, Global Leader Data Driven Advantage & Digital Growth at Howden Group Ltd
Imbu partnered with our IoT project, working from design to sales, covering all aspects of the process, all in record time.- Gerard Danos, President at MSI Dixie
We have worked with Imbu for years - they are reliable, cost-conscious, creative, and have a good understanding of our specific technical and commercial requirements.- Jason Green, President at GFS Corp.
Fast and effective delivery - Imbu covers IT, design, business feasibility, sales advice and has it all in-house.- Project Manager at OEM (UK)