SPEAK 2400

SPEAK 2400

Fully self-contained setup

The IMBU measurement suitcase includes 2 x Transmitters (100% redundant) and 2 x IO Modules (fully synchronized). The set-up is self-contained and built-in to a Pelican suitcase. It can be used for (temporary as an option) field-measurements to investigate machine performance and dynamics. It is typically used on reciprocating machines as it allows measurements referenced to crank-angle.

Technical specifications

Size Pelican 1500 Protector Case
Certification Not certified for permanent use in a hazardous area. For use in a hazardous area most probably a hot work permit is required
Connectors 24 * Amphenol Ecomate C016 series
Controller 2 * SBC with NXP microcontroller (100% redundant)
Modem 2 * 3G or 4G modem (100% redundant)
WiFi YES, used for configuration on-site
RS485 YES, 2 * 2 ports (100% redundant)
RS232 YES, 2 * 1 port (100% redundant)
Ethernet YES, 2 * 1 port (100% redundant)
LoRa 868 / 915 Optional
Local storage YES, 2 * 4GB SD card (100% redundant)
Power 110VAC or 220VAC
Ambient temperature -40°C – +85°C
Protection power-outage YES, upon power-outage, 2 (two) supercapacitors enable a controlled shutdown to avoid corruption of e.g. SD card
Standard implemented protocols Modbus RTU (RS232 or RS485) Slave or MasterModbus TCP (Ethernet) Client or Server
Pressure inputs 8 * 4-20mA (2-wire, loop-powered by IO module)
Accelerometer inputs 12 * ICP/IEPE Accelerometers
Proximity probe inputs 4 * -20 – 0V (Bently Nevada compatible)
Pick-up / encoder inputs 2 * highly flexible inputs suitable to accept both e.g. passive magnetic pickups but also active proximity probes
Sampling frequency Typically 64kHz, higher frequencies possible
Others Galvanically isolated IO
Possible applications Investigation of e.g. detonation or misfire on gas-engines
Diesel-injector performance/condition analyses on diesel-engines
Performance analytics on reciprocating pumps and gas-compressors
Combustion analysis on slow-speed integrals
Interface All data will be uploaded to the IMBU web-portal for further analysis. After leaving suitcase on-site, machine performance can remotely be tracked through web-portal

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