IO Module

IO Module

High-frequency sampling of vibration, pressure and rod-drop sensors, crank-angle referenced

IMBU IO Modules offer a high-frequency sampling of vibration, pressure, and rod-drop sensors, crank-angle referenced. Typically, one IO module is required for every 2 compressor-cylinders (2 * head-end and 2 * crank-end).

Multiple IO modules perform cycle-synchronized measurements, which means that across all the IO modules, the exact same cycle is being measured. Besides offloading raw timewave forms for pressure, vibration, and rod-drop to the server, the IO modules also allow cycle-by-cycle analysis. Up to 80 cases per channel are tested on a cycle-by-cycle basis and counters are incremented if certain conditions are met.

Technical specifications

Size Depending on hazardous area certification required, multiple packaging options are available
Certification ATEX Zone 2 (lowest cost option)
ATEX Zone 1 IIC (Customs Union, Kosha, Peso, etc.)
Controller Freescale controller
Pressure inputs 4 * 4-20mA (2-wire, loop-powered by IO module)
Accelerometer inputs 6 * ICP/IEPE Accelerometers
Proximity probe inputs 2 * – 20 – 0V (Bently Nevada compatible)
Pick-up / encoder inputs 2 * highly flexible inputs suitable to accept both e.g. passive magnetic pickups but also active proximity probes
Power 24VDC
Communications RS485 daisy-chained from Transmitter to all IO modules
Digital outputs 2 * dry contact
Sampling frequency Typically 64kHz, higher frequencies possible
Others Galvanically isolated IO

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