Intelligent fluid transfer systems for offshore

Intelligent fluid transfer systems for offshore

Design and implementation of intelligent fluid transfer systems

IMBU supports a leading manufacturer of systems-components used for offshore fluid transfer with integration of intelligence into their products.

Key features are a long battery life (in this case between 5-10 years on one set of D-cell batteries), designed to withstand permanent submersion, fully wireless communications using Lora, cellular and Iridium (Sat) networks, highly precise location awareness (<0.5m accuracy) using a combination of UWB, GPS and e-compass and fully integrated into manufacturers product in a way that it will survive offshore conditions.

As with other OEM’s IMBU provides a white-labelled end-to-end solution including design of electronics and enclosure, gateway design but also customer-portal design and hosting.

  • Client Leading offshore system manufacturer
  • Date November 1, 2020
  • Tags OEM, Projects