Smartcard is a self-contained, location-aware, mini beacon which is packaged into a credit-card form-factor

Smartcard is a fully self-contained, location-aware, beacon which is packaged into a credit-card form-factor. If the card is set to check in every 30 minutes, lifetime is expected to be around 1 year. The card determines its location via UWB time-of-flight and triangulation.

Configuration of the card can be done using a smartphone and uses BLE. For configuration purposes, the card can be woken-up using a magnet (engaging with a reed-switch).

Technical specifications

Length * width * thickness 79mm * 51mm * 10mm
Material Acrylic or PU Rubber
Battery PANASONIC CR2450
Processor Nordic nRF52832
Operating system MyNewt
Location detection UWB & Triangulation
Configuration BLE
Forced wake-up from the sleep schedule Reed switch
LED Green (1), Red (1)
Accelerometer ST iis2dlpc

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