Transmitter Module

Transmitter Module

Offloading all data coming from the IO modules

The IMBU Transmitter Module is responsible for offloading all data coming from the IO modules and data which is picked-up from e.g. the compressor-control panel or the customer’s SCADA system. Following hereafter are the standard specifications of an IMBU Transmitter Module.

Technical specifications

Size 289mm (11.34”) * 289mm (11.34”) * 227mm (8.94”)
Certification ATEX Zone 1 IIC (Customs Union, Kosha, Peso, etc.)
Controller 2 * SBC with NXP microcontroller (100% redundant)
Modem 2 * 3G or 4G modem (100% redundant)
WiFi YES, used for configuration on-site
RS485 YES, 2 * 2 ports (100% redundant)
RS232 YES, 2 * 1 port (100% redundant)
Ethernet YES, 2 * 1 port (100% redundant)
LoRa 868 / 915 Optional
Local storage YES, 2 * 4GB SD card (100% redundant)
Power 24VDC
Ambient temperature -40°C – +85°C
Protection power-outage YES, upon power-outage, 2 (two) supercapacitors enable a controlled shutdown to avoid corruption of e.g. SD card
Standard implemented protocols Modbus RTU (RS232 or RS485) Slave or MasterModbus TCP (Ethernet) Client or Server

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