Transmitter Module

Offloading all data coming from the IO modules

The IMBU Transmitter Module is responsible for offloading all data coming from the IO modules and data which is picked-up from e.g. the compressor-control panel or the customer’s SCADA system. Following hereafter are the standard specifications of an IMBU Transmitter Module.

Technical specifications

Size 289mm (11.34”) * 289mm (11.34”) * 227mm (8.94”)
Certification ATEX Zone 1 IIC (Customs Union, Kosha, Peso, etc.)
Controller 2 * SBC with NXP microcontroller (100% redundant)
Modem 2 * 3G or 4G modem (100% redundant)
WiFi YES, used for configuration on-site
RS485 YES, 2 * 2 ports (100% redundant)
RS232 YES, 2 * 1 port (100% redundant)
Ethernet YES, 2 * 1 port (100% redundant)
LoRa 868 / 915 Optional
Local storage YES, 2 * 4GB SD card (100% redundant)
Power 24VDC
Ambient temperature -40°C – +85°C
Protection power-outage YES, upon power-outage, 2 (two) supercapacitors enable a controlled shutdown to avoid corruption of e.g. SD card
Standard implemented protocols Modbus RTU (RS232 or RS485) Slave or MasterModbus TCP (Ethernet) Client or Server

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