Condition monitoring solution for compressors

Condition monitoring solution for compressors

UPTIME allows Howden to be digitally present & supporting end-users with the Operation & Maintenance of critical machinery.

Howden Thomassen Compressors (Netherlands) focuses on the design, assembly, installation, and servicing of custom-made horizontal piston compressors. These compressors are highly-engineered, large-scale, most often critical products. With pressures up to 600 bar and power capability up to 25MW, they are designed for high power applications, primarily in oil refining and petrochemical industries.

Howden & IMBU have jointly developed the UPTIME system for API 618 reciprocating compressor-sets. UPTIME is mostly used on compressors, which are indispensable in a refinery process. The downtime of these units often costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per day!

IMBU has developed the full hazardous area certified “plug-and-play” hardware kit allowing quick & easy installation and very short wire run. IMBU has also developed the server infrastructure and end-user portal environment. Howden’s fully integrated digital twin is key to performing automated analytics.

  • Client Howden Thomassen Compressors
  • Date August 27, 2018
  • Tags OEM, Projects