Creation of smart floating hose

Creation of smart floating hose

Implementation of online location, configuration & movement analytics in a challenging offshore environment.

IMBU supports Dunlop Marine & Industry with the design and implementation of a “smart hose” concept. This includes the selection and development of sensor-node solutions, full product & enclosure design, full end-user portal design, etc.

IMBU has co-designed the system to reliably operate in extreme operating environments (off-shore, saltwater, etc.). The location nodes are IP68 compliant and allow the tracking of hose location & configurations with accuracy (< 1 meter). Other functionalities are being added continuously.

Location nodes are designed to have a long battery life > 4 years.

IMBU has developed a full user-portal – including mathematical analyses of hose configurations – in order to e.g. generate notifications in case of hose wrapping (for example around the buoy) or excessive hose bending.

  • Client Dunlop
  • Date August 27, 2020
  • Tags OEM, Projects