Vibration analyzer

IMVIB is an advanced vibration analysis module, specially developed for reciprocating machinery.
It has 12 accelerometer-inputs and 2 pick-up / angle-encoder inputs. The powerful free scale chipset allows complex on-board analysis in real-time. Not only does this help to limit the amount of data being uploaded to the server, it also powers a hard-wired engine and compressor protection mechanism through the use of 2 built in digital switches. When vibrations exceed certain configurable safety limits, these switches can immediately stop the compressor.

Field transmitter

IMBU's data transmitter is built for hostile environments with unreliable cellular networks.

IMBU's data-transmitter has been designed for use in hostile environments where low band-width cellular networks exist thatare often out of service.
An efficient data-compression mechanism combined with message queue management allow IMBU to get 100% of the data transmitted, even when operating on a slow 2G network say in the Niger delta. Field transmitters include a UPS in order to inform the server about power-outages (such is a frequent occurence in the territories IMBU operates in).


A precise and robust accelerometer and wiring system, covered by a life-time warranty.

Special care has been taken to utilize a precise and robust accelerometer with an emphasis on long term reliability. IMBU’s accelerometers also include a highly robust wiring system with sections of steel-armored cable and high-temperature Teflon insulation.
As a result, IMBU is able to provide an unconditional life-time warranty on their accelerometers.

Angle encoder

For Ariel compressors, IMBU has designed a plug-and-play angle encoder, which can be installed directly into an existing thread in the auxiliary cover.
The angle-encoder sends a precise high-resolution pulse-train, not only required for the crank-angle referenced vibration analysis but also serving as an input for the on-line torsional vibration analysis.
The encoder comes with an adapter-set which suits the Ariel frame sn#.


Download the IMVIB vibration monitoring brochure for all specifications.