Case Studies

IMBU works on projects with organizations all over the world. From China to Kazakhstan, from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, oil operators trust IMBU with their most valued industrial assets.

Here are some examples of companies who rely on IMBU, and our IMVIB vibration monitoring system to keep their most important assets safe.


Zhaikmunai LLP uses IMVIB to monitor all 15 of their field gas compressors. Their primary production asset is the Chinarevskoye oil-field, located in the North-West of Kazakhstan. Its operation includes an LPG-plant with several reciprocating and screw-compressors. "We use IMBU daily to quickly review operational condition of all rotating equipment and pin-point problems before they start to affect the output of the plant." All 15 compressors are equipped with our IMVIB vibration monitoring system. With IMVIB, Zhaikmunai LLP can access vibration and process data from all 15 machines through one interface. "IMBU has been a sound investment; we are intending to install it on all new reciprocating compressors." Volker Kraus – Maintenance manager, Zhaikmunai LLP

GFS Corp

Another company IMBU is proud to work with is GFS Corp.
GFS Corp develops systems that allow large, high horsepower, diesel engines to operate on a combination of natural gas and diesel fuel. Their bi-fuel systems are used worldwide in mine haul trucks and in the stationary power sector to reduce fuel costs and emissions.
GFS relies on an IMBU transmitter to monitor all performance and health parameters. They love how easy it is to access this data with the IMBU iPad app.
Chert Nompone the Director of Product Development for GFS explains how IMBU quickly became an integral part of their operation: "We first started using IMBU as a productivity monitoring system. It quickly evolved into an important diagnostic service tool for our field engineers, allowing them to properly prepare themselves when going to a given site to service faulty equipment!" According to Chert this is because, "IMBU tells them the actual cause of asset shutdown."
Lanny Slater, GFS' Director of Sales says: "IMBU is a perfect fit for our customers in the oil & gas drilling industry!" With IMBU we are able to give our customers real time information about their fuel savings, and the operation of their generators throughout their 24 hour operating schedule directly via e-mail or displayed on their iPads. He loves how "with the alarm and shutdown notifications IMBU provides, his customer knows exactly who and what they need to send to the site."


OMV is an integrated Oil & Gas company with ca. 29.000 employees worldwide. They have been working with IMVIB since 2012.
One of OMVs' most important production assets is the Komsomolskoye oil-field. This asset is remotely located close to the Caspian sea-shore in Kazakhstan.

The Komsomolskoye oil-field has its own power station with four Motor Sich gas turbines. This power station is entirely responsible for all oil production. It is the definition of a critical asset!
According to Orazbek Sadu, Petrom OMV's Maintenance manager: "The investment in IMBU was definitely justified, we are looking forward to adding IMVIB monitoring to all of our gas compressors as well!" He also says: "The IMBU App is very user-friendly and gives me access to up-to-date operational data wherever I am. It allows me to evaluate contractor-performance in real-time based upon an independent & objective data-source."