Robust in-house designed cable harnesses

Cables used for permanent installation

As connectors and cables are often the weakest links, IMBU has engineered its own sturdy line of cables. Cables used for permanent installation are typically built, including an integrated protective hose, which is sealed into the connector end-bell using a Loctite epoxy. This gives an excellent strain release and an environmental seal.

As an example, IMBU cables are used on frack-trucks, a very demanding environment, without reliability issues.

Technical specifications

Connectors Amphenol MIL-C-26482 series 2 (permanent)Amphenol Ecomate C016 (with test suitcase)
Protective hose PMA Flex, IGUS
Cable 3- or 5- core cable Jobarco PUR TPE CY 0.5mm core diam
Sealing Loctite 9483 Epoxy

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