About IMBU

The IMBU team has well over a decade's experience in the field of gas compression. We experienced that oil operators often lack access to complete information about the performance and health of their remote assets.

Incomplete or inaccessible information can affect performance and availability of equipment. Access to up-to-date, unbiased data helps to plan maintenance and improve availability. Unfortunately, most asset monitoring tools are overly complicated and not practical for use in the field, due to a lack of portability.

We started IMBU because we want to offer organizations a complete and affordable asset monitoring solution.

At IMBU we are passionate about making monitoring of remote compressor-sets simple, effective, and mobile.


Jason Forsyth
Founder, Marketing manager

Email: jforsyth@imbu.nl
Phone: +41 7 9595 1989
Skype: jasonforsyth_imbu
LinkedIn: ch.linkedin...forsyth/8/111/825

Roelof Quintus
Founder, Advisory board

Email: rquintus@imbu.nl
Phone: +44 75404 19526
Skype: roelofquintus
LinkedIn: ch.linkedin...quintus/15/3a/9b9

Gert Dam
Founder, General Manager

Email: gdam@imbu.nl
Phone: +31 6 3206 9198
Skype: compressionjobs
LinkedIn: nl.linkedin.com/in/gertdam


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The Netherlands

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